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Johnson Controls takes the speedometer 3D | CES 2012: Car Tech

3D display

“At CES 2012, Johnson Controls showed off its HUD technology, currently used in the Citroen DS5, and a conceptual 3D instrument cluster.

In a private meeting room, Johnson Controls had two bucks set up, stands with automotive instrument clusters showing off its latest technology. The company, which does big automotive business with things such as the HomeLink system for opening garage doors, is pushing its human/machine interface capabilities in new dashboard instrumentation products.

The head-up display (HUD) system relies on a small, clear panel sticking up out of the dashboard, above the instrument cluster. A projection shows speed, navigation information, and whatever else an automaker might want to display. A HUD can help drivers keep their eyes on the road by putting critical information within the view out the windshield.”

Full article here: CNET

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