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What are the new paradigms? Do people still want to drive at all? My other car is a mountain bike? What should I wear when I drive a Mini? and where the hell are our jetpacks??
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Self-driving cars: Yes, please! Now, please!

“(…) mainstream adoption of automated cars will help improve the environment, use less fuel, reduce traffic to virtually zero, save billions of dollars per year, and most importantly: save a lot of lives and limbs (…) Many auto manufacturers agree, and are working hard to bring autonomous vehicles to the road in one form or another. GM predicts semi-autonomous cars to be available by the middle of the decade, and fully autonomous vehicles by 2020. Audi announced its moves toward semi-autonomous drive mode at CES this year. BMW’s i3 electric city car will include a traffic jam assistant that auto-navigates through traffic jams at slow speeds, and both BMW and Volkswagen say they’re moving toward incremental rollouts of semi-autonomous driver-assistance packages, with some features available now.

Full article here: CNET

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