Your life as easy to access as the latest Lady Gaga single?

“(…) self-tracking has a natural affinity with choice architecture, the notion that product designers or governments or other entities that shape our world can design it in ways that make it easier for us to make good choices. The more we scrutinize our behavior, the more likely we are to discern where prompts and reminders might best steer us in the directions we desire. For example, the Fitbit device can send a message to your cellphone if the day is coming to an end and you have yet to reach your daily steps goal. Our bathroom scales will eventually start calling out to us if we go too many days without stepping on them. Green Goose envisions turning various virtuous activities you might pursue—cycling to work, walking the dog, etc.—into games where you compete against family and friends to see who can amass the most points.

In this vision, individuals turn the traditional notion of surveillance on its head: By intimately monitoring themselves, they increase control over their own lives, liberate themselves from unwanted habits, pursue their goals with maximum insight—and thus better their chances of success.”