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invisible Merc

The invisible Mercedes

” Dramatizing the new zero-emission technology, Mercedes literally made the car invisible to the environment through a pretty impressive cloaking effect.  I love it because the idea is simple, well executed and effective (so far it’s managed to get over 8 million people talking about F-CELL hydrogen fuel cells).”


Drive your car in a more efficient manner

”Drive more efficient and have fun. Make a sport of it and push yourself to improve your driving and fuel consumption every day. Analyse your progress and see how your results compare to others. (…) A Glass of Water records your driving distance, time, fuel consumption and water spilled. After each drive you can analyse […]

EV batteries

Tough Times for U.S. EV Battery Makers

“The U.S. government’s effort to create an electric-vehicle battery industry suffered a setback last week when one of the companies it funded as part of this effort saw its parent company file for bankruptcy protection.”


Charge Your Phone (and Your Car) from Afar

“Eric Giler points a remote control at a small black pad leaned up against a wall, and three lamps instantly light up and a tablet computer starts charging. The funny thing is, the devices all sit several feet away from the black pad, which provides power, and aren’t plugged in.”

future car

A Glimpse Into The Future Of Mobility From Stanford’s Car Gurus

“Designing a car meant for 2012 is not about waiting for the right technology. It’s all about infrastructure. We have the technology today to make automated personal vehicles that whisk us from door to door while hardly touching the steering wheel. What we don’t have is the smart infrastructure. ‘If we were to switch today […]


Self-driving cars: Yes, please! Now, please!

“(…) mainstream adoption of automated cars will help improve the environment, use less fuel, reduce traffic to virtually zero, save billions of dollars per year, and most importantly: save a lot of lives and limbs (…) Many auto manufacturers agree, and are working hard to bring autonomous vehicles to the road in one form or another. GM […]


CA Passes Landmark Law Requiring Many More Zero-Emission Vehicles

“Last Friday, the influential California Air Resources Board adopted new emission rules that will require carmakers to sell increasing number of zero-emission vehicles in the state, starting in 2018. By 2025, fully 15.4 percent of the cars sold annually in California must be zero-emission vehicles–either battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, or plug-in hybrids that can […]

flower car

Flower power: Ford interiors made of tropical plant

“Ford said today that its upcoming Escape SUV will sport door bolsters made of kenaf, a flowering tropical plant. The company estimates using a plant-based material will offset 300,000 pounds of oil-based resins this year. The door bolsters will be 25 percent lighter and so help improve fuel efficiency as well. They will be a […]

BMW music

Take a tour of BMW’s new Mog online music system

“My iPhone, with 8GB of memory, can hold about 1,700 tracks. A BMW’s internal hard drive has room for almost 3,000 tracks. Now, BMW’s new Mog integration puts 14 million tracks at a driver’s fingertips.”

eco car app

Green Charge Offers 3rd Party Monitoring Of 2012 Volt, Leaf Charging

“Nearly every mainstream electric car on the market today has its own dedicated iOS, Android and Windows Mobile applications, designed to help you monitor your car’s charge level, remotely start cabin preconditioning, and even plan your next journey. Now an independent software company has developed a third-party application for Apple’s iOS which gives owners of […]

Mercedez UI

Mercedes-Benz DICE concept brings gesture controls to the cockpit

“Not to be outdone by its competitors from Ingolstadt, Mercedes-Benz brought out its own vision of the future of interiors, complete with augmented reality, a fully customizable dashboard and gesture-based controls. There’s not a knob or button to be found…”

Touch car

Stroke your car seat to pump up the volume

“Imagine swishing a fingertip along the fabric of your car seat to control the radio volume. Or impressing guests by dimming your living room lights with a languid swipe along the arm of your sofa. These ideas could soon become reality thanks to a smart fabric that behaves like the touchscreen on your cellphone. Because […]


What Do Consumers Really Think Of Electric Cars?

“Of the random 1,702 car-owning adults the Consumer Reports National Research Center contacted by telephone across the U.S., a massive 87 percent said they had some form of concern with plug-in cars. Most common among these was range anxiety, with 77 percent of those questioned saying that they believed electric cars could not meet their […]

Dongle cellcontrol

Scosche CellControl automatically limits cellphone functionality when driving

“Some manufacturers are bringing smartphone controls to the dashboard in order to prevent distracted driving, but accessory manufacturer Scosche is going in a different direction with CellControl, a device that disables many smartphone functions when you’re in the car. The system consists of a specialized mobile app and a trigger dongle that plugs into your […]


Hiriko electric car folds up to take one-third of a parking spot, pilot program to begin next year

“We’ve seen urban cars with a single, windshield-mounted door and we’ve seen a baby stroller that can fold itself, but this is the first time we’ve seen the two combined. It’s called the Hiriko (Basque for “urban”), and a full-sized prototype of the folding electric car was unveiled in front of the European Union Commission […]


Chinese carmaker blatantly copies Ford F-150

“The Ford F-150 has just picked up a doppelganger in China. According to CarNewsChina, Jianghuai Auto Corporation has just unveiled its new 4R3 pickup, and sure enough, the vehicle looks to be a near carbon copy of America’s best-selling truck. JAC reportedly wants to provide buyers in China, Africa and South America with a larger, […]

Buick game

Buick eAssist Smartphone App Makes A Game Out Of Saving Fuel

“Buick has come up with an innovative and fun app for Android and iPhone platforms that carefully blends entertainment with education. It bundles three games into one app, called Buick Fuel Efficiency Games. ‘Regeneration Road’, one of the three games included, has players focus on regenerative braking to increase battery charge. The goal of the […]