Mercedez UI

Mercedes-Benz DICE concept brings gesture controls to the cockpit

“Not to be outdone by its competitors from Ingolstadt, Mercedes-Benz brought out its own vision of the future of interiors, complete with augmented reality, a fully customizable dashboard and gesture-based controls. There’s not a knob or button to be found…”

Touch car

Stroke your car seat to pump up the volume

“Imagine swishing a fingertip along the fabric of your car seat to control the radio volume. Or impressing guests by dimming your living room lights with a languid swipe along the arm of your sofa. These ideas could soon become reality thanks to a smart fabric that behaves like the touchscreen on your cellphone. Because […]


GM’s Smart Windows Let You Interact With The World From Your Car

“Long car rides, typically of the road trip variety can often be exhausting in their monotony and isolation. We don’t often think of car rides as anything more than a means of reaching a destination. We become disassociated with the other people, cars and environments that are inevitably surrounding us. GM’s new Windows of Opportunity […]


Michelin Design Concept Car Predicts Brain-Controlled Vehicles by 2046

“Neuron, the concept car, is an imagination of the consequences of implementing brain machine interface (or brain-computer interfaces, if you prefer that term) technology into the automobile. According to Ian Kettle, designer of Neuron, in the not so far future vehicles will become an extension of the self, that adapt to user needs whilst integrating […]

Nissan reading minds

Nissan Cars to Read the Driver’s Thoughts

“The Japanese carmaker Nissan announced a collaboration with the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland (EPFL) on a car that could predict its driver’s intentions. By scanning the thought patterns of the driver, future Nissans will be able to predict the driver’s next move. For example, as the driver thinks about turning left ahead, the car […]

Intelligent boxes

A few years back, whilst doing some consulting for Orange I came across widgets. Looking at the evolution of interface architectures i put together this short train of thought. A book of hours. A revolutionary layout where information flourished in boxes which surfaced from wallpaper backgrounds. I’ve always loved the way cartoons organized a narrative […]


So many people so many skills

Sometimes when I’m working in a public space, a look around and there are a bunch of people doing the same. Then I find myself wondering what do they do? Are they photographers, bloggers, coders, designers, what do they do? If they knew that i’m a designer and if I knew their skills, would it […]


Icons icons icons

  Hi I’m Davi, Visual Designer at Kwamecorp London.  Summer is in town. Everyone is on holidays. With a couple of free days and way to many ice creams, I decided to work on some new icons for our website. Some of them were quite tricky to come up with (difficult metaphors), but I had […]


Going above and beyond Hard cash – what is your Personal currency?

Kwamecorp has been mulling over the idea of ‘Personal currency’ for over the past year and a half. Having already created a Bitcoin wallet (it was only natural), we wondered what it would be like to have a currency that people can label as ‘mine’. Like countries do for their own territorial currencies such as; […]

Apple’s new language, Swift, is like iECMAScript on steroids

There’s a new kid  in town. Making a connection flight in my way to San Francisco I rushed for the internet. I was sure that this was going to be a day packed with news from the Cupertino guys and aimed specially at developers. New OS for desktop and for mobile: check! Improved APIs: check! […]


Liters of light

A man sat down next to me and we were both given a Korean bento box. He looked at me and spoke in portuguese, so long as there is meat and rice, I’ll be ok. Them chopsticks are a bit awkward, but oh well, it’s a different world over here, isn’t it? I looked at […]


Use By: yes, we are literally baking furniture

In the basement of our London studio Yayo cooks up the most magical of materials. It smells like childhood in the countryside. Dust particles of deliciousness float in the air. We’ve been asked if the setup is from a missing breaking bad episode. Yayo googles Breaking Bad. No it’s from a baking bread episode!


Surfacing brand values

How can a Brand Identity adapt to its core values? Below you’ll see how our logo mutates into a “Kwamecorp surfer” in tribute to our “small” tribe of in house surfers.


No dreamer without a champion

What is dream:st? dream:st is a new global, online program that connects a young, ambitious dreamer (who is dreaming audacious dreams in the absence of much support) and a champion (who can help support the realization of that dream). The dreamer and the champion may have nothing else in common other than a common dream. […]


Always take white post-its with you. Here is why.

The other day on my regular flight from SF to London I was thinking about, wishing trees… and how the service needs to start contaminating environments where giving/sharing could really catch on rapidly. Lets start with post-its and a toilet at 35,000 feet.


Do you like it? It’s all about process. Want to see how we cook?

This is how labour intensive a logo is at kwamecorp. Davi opens up the process from sketching to final art. The goal was to come up with a visual identity for a drawing messenger app. Feedback is appreciated, but in all honesty, it’s good and we know it.


Slow shopping. Impossible?

How do we slow down shopping and make it more human centric? How do we stop having to stare at the googles and amazons of this world whenever we want to shop online? How do we get smaller shops to bid for shoppers’ requests? Right now the shopping paradigm is search based and seller lead. […]

illustrationKit_KC_mobile flying

Our Slideshow Kit — Free for you to use!

Today we are happy to share with the world our very own Slideshow kit, born from the talented hands of our own Davi Campos. It’s our way to give back to those who unknowingly helped us when we were strapped for time, with a deadline or a surprise presentation at the door. All illustrations are […]

captain paul

South Pacific

Captain Paul shows us his south pacific chart. The sea is a wonderful mirror for the soul he says. We sat around the table and opened a chart of the south pacific. He ran his fingers through the course he once braved in the waves, all the way from Tahiti to Hawaii. What magical times he […]

language of thought

Blinking creatures and printers for our dreams

Neuro-imaging always conjured up the same metaphor: If you were to hang a microphone over Beijing you would hear different things but you would not learn Chinese.


End of cannibalism and the drive towards communities

Purpose cannot come from within technology. The reason is obviously simple: If for a moment you imagine that machines have a will of their own, their will will be to breed more machines. All objects of creation are instilled with a fear of death and a drive to survive and multiply. Stepping back and getting […]

bond touch modules

Wearables. We are able.

Wearables is a new space that we have been exploring for a while now with great passion @kwamecorp. Our goal is to empower services and ultimately users with a new set of tools to navigate this planet and connect with ones environment and each other in novel and exciting ways. In doing so we ask ourselves many questions out of which two are specially pertinent at this moment.

Rubber colours

Flávia Amadeu — amazonian rubber goddess

Flávia came into the studio and told us all about wild rubber production in the Amazon. The cool thing is we, just like everyone that uses amazonian wild rubber, is helping communities protect the amazon rain forrest. We can’t wait to get started with production!