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“Not to be outdone by its competitors from Ingolstadt, Mercedes-Benz brought out its own vision of the future of interiors, complete with augmented reality, a fully customizable dashboard and gesture-based controls. There’s not a knob or button to be found…”

“Imagine swishing a fingertip along the fabric of your car seat to control the radio volume. Or impressing guests by dimming your living room lights with a languid swipe along the arm of your sofa. These ideas could soon become reality thanks to a smart fabric that behaves like the touchscreen on your cellphone. Because [...]

“Long car rides, typically of the road trip variety can often be exhausting in their monotony and isolation. We don’t often think of car rides as anything more than a means of reaching a destination. We become disassociated with the other people, cars and environments that are inevitably surrounding us. GM’s new Windows of Opportunity [...]

“Neuron, the concept car, is an imagination of the consequences of implementing brain machine interface (or brain-computer interfaces, if you prefer that term) technology into the automobile. According to Ian Kettle, designer of Neuron, in the not so far future vehicles will become an extension of the self, that adapt to user needs whilst integrating [...]