Structured Versus Stream: How Pinterest Will Transform the Web in 2012

“(…) by constructing content in a structured set versus a stream, sites such as Pinterest and Snip.It have prevented stream-based sites such as Facebook from becoming a compelling place to consume the Pinterest or Snip.It content (which contrasts with e.g. Instagram or other stream based sites). Pinterest boards are not as consumable on Facebook as […]


Samsung Galaxy Note: novelty factor vs buggy feature

“The UI is laggy, but the pen is actually kind of fun—maybe it’s the novelty factor of using an outdated technology on a modern product? It’s also buggy (…)  When you are trying to justify putting a pen in your phone, you need to nail that biddy. Samsung didn’t: The stylus misses way too many […]

one hand

A one-handed touch-screen keyboard

“By combining keys into chords, 32 unique characters or commands that can be summoned from just five buttons. (You could press the first and second button for an A, press the first and third button for a B and so on.) Adam Kumpf, from Teague Labs, laments that “our ability to input information into computers […]