We imagine and create  the future for our clients

Design and engineering

What we do


Technical consultancy

We have a world-class team of software and hardware engineers, organised in pods, working all over the world. From web, mobile all the way down to assembly, we cover it.

Creative consultancy

Connected Creativity lies at the heart of what we do. Our designers, thinkers and tinkerers create services and products that have a positive and enduring impact on the planet.

Innovation workshops

We don't just talk about changing the world, we run workshops for companies all over the world to help them get started. Innovation comes with knowing your needs and purpose.

Our Work

  • LokLok

    LokLok turns your phone's lock screen into a synchronized white board between you and the person you share your life with.

    *Real image, no photo manipulation

  • Fairphone

    Kwamecorp is partnering with Fairphone to bring a fair smartphone to the market, one designed and produced with minimal harm to people and planet.

    *Real image, no photo manipulation

  • Impossible

    A new social network based on peer-to-peer gift economy. Give and receive something today.

    *Real image, no photo manipulation

  • Bond

    A modular revolution for you to wear. Lots of modules that you can do and sense different things. You touch it, they feel it, anywhere on the planet.

    *Real image, no photo manipulation


Kwamecorp's influential work and thinking is recognised worldwide for its pioneering approach, continuing to define and change the planet through purpose.



So many people so many skills

Sometimes when I’m working in a public space, a look around and there are a bunch of people doing the same. Then I find myself wondering what do they do? Are they photographers, bloggers, coders, designers, what do they do? If they knew that i’m a designer and if I knew their skills, would it […]


Icons icons icons

  Hi I’m Davi, Visual Designer at Kwamecorp London.  Summer is in town. Everyone is on holidays. With a couple of free days and way to many ice creams, I decided to work on some new icons for our website. Some of them were quite tricky to come up with (difficult metaphors), but I had […]


Going above and beyond Hard cash – what is your Personal currency?

Kwamecorp has been mulling over the idea of ‘Personal currency’ for over the past year and a half. Having already created a Bitcoin wallet (it was only natural), we wondered what it would be like to have a currency that people can label as ‘mine’. Like countries do for their own territorial currencies such as; […]

Apple’s new language, Swift, is like iECMAScript on steroids

There’s a new kid  in town. Making a connection flight in my way to San Francisco I rushed for the internet. I was sure that this was going to be a day packed with news from the Cupertino guys and aimed specially at developers. New OS for desktop and for mobile: check! Improved APIs: check! […]


Liters of light

A man sat down next to me and we were both given a Korean bento box. He looked at me and spoke in portuguese, so long as there is meat and rice, I’ll be ok. Them chopsticks are a bit awkward, but oh well, it’s a different world over here, isn’t it? I looked at […]


Use By: yes, we are literally baking furniture

In the basement of our London studio Yayo cooks up the most magical of materials. It smells like childhood in the countryside. Dust particles of deliciousness float in the air. We’ve been asked if the setup is from a missing breaking bad episode. Yayo googles Breaking Bad. No it’s from a baking bread episode!


Surfacing brand values

How can a Brand Identity adapt to its core values? Below you’ll see how our logo mutates into a “Kwamecorp surfer” in tribute to our “small” tribe of in house surfers.


No dreamer without a champion

What is dream:st? dream:st is a new global, online program that connects a young, ambitious dreamer (who is dreaming audacious dreams in the absence of much support) and a champion (who can help support the realization of that dream). The dreamer and the champion may have nothing else in common other than a common dream. […]

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